About Italy

Italy is making its place to get reserves in the most famous overseas education destination all across the world. Italy is the home place for the first universities to be settled in the west. There are around 32,000 worldwide students in Italy, remembering autonomous students and those for trade programs. The nation has a rich history and custom of advanced education. A portion of the main colleges in Europe were established in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The University of Bologna, established in 1088, is perceived as the most seasoned college to in any case work. Today, Italy is the home to numerous renowned establishments of advanced education. Large numbers of Italy’s organizations perform well in the QS World University Rankings, showing up in the best 200 every year. Without any doubt one can go for an option to study in italy.

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Official Language
Popular Cities
Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Venice
6.05 Cr
Mediterranean Climate


Why Study in Italy?

Country full of history and culture.

Top universities and multicultural environment.

An affordable destination for  international students.

Food , Fashion, Architecture, and Art.

  • QS Top Rank Universities
  • Scholarships upto 5200 euros
  • Assured Admissions
  • No tuition fees / low tuition fees
  • IELTS not mandatory
  • Stay Back Options
  • Min 60% Required
  • Final Year Students Can Also Apply
  • Study in World Most Prestigious And Oldest Universities
  • Wide Range Of Bachelors and Masters Courses Are Available
  • Education Gap is Accepted

Interesting Facts About Italy

  • Italy ranks among the 7th most industrialized countries in the world.
  • 8th largest economy in the World.
  • Get Visa access to 26 schengen countries.
  • Italy welcomes more than 40,000 international students every year.
  • Home to some of the world leading companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Armani, Diesel, Ducati, Benetton, Carrera, Colombus, D&G, Vespa, etc.


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