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Best Direction For Study Table At Home As Per Vastu

Buying furniture and placing them according to Vastu Shastra are traditional practices in many Indian households. Despite this, they fail to realize that there are many other important factors that can contribute to a change in the positivity and energy in their residence. In fact, a study table’s direction is one of the most critical factors to consider. In accordance with the ancient Indian science of architecture, knowing the best direction for study table can increase the flow of positive energy and enhance its effectiveness. Hence, student study rooms should be designed according to Vastu principles in order to achieve high grades and to achieve success in the workplace.

Best Vastu Direction for Study Table 

According to Vastu principles, the best direction for study table is in the north or east direction of your home. During study or work, the study table should be placed in such a way that the students are facing the east or north. In Vastu, experts recommend orienting your study table in the right way to improve concentration levels in both students and professionals. 

Direction for Study Table to Avoid

Study tables should not be placed in the following directions: east of southeast, east of northeast, south of southwest, north of northwest, west of north-west and south. Based on Vastu Shastra, these directions are not suitable for studying. In these zones, it may be difficult to concentrate and grasp information. According to reports, it adversely affects a student’s academic performance.

Other Vastu Tips for Study Table

Studies have shown that knowing the best direction for study table, color, shape, and material of the study table can have a significant impact on a student’s concentration and performance. As a result, it is important to choose them carefully. 

  • Study Table Shape: Rectangular or Square

In Vastu, one of the most useful tips is to choose the shape of the study table. According to Vastu guidelines, a basic study table is preferable. Study tables come in rectangular or square shapes. As per Vastu principles, the rectangular-shaped study table should have a ratio of more than 1:2 if it is a rectangular-shaped table. 

  • Quality and condition of the Study Table

A house’s furniture should be in good condition in order to attract positive energies of all types. The Vastu Shastra states that one should never place a study table in a room if it is chipped, damaged, or extremely old as it will reduce the room’s positivity. When shopping for a study table, one should also ensure that it is made from high-quality wood and not some cheap material. 

  • Post motivational posters on the study table

Placing motivational posters and pictures in front of the study table that are personal to the individual can be very helpful for a person seeking focus and motivation. By reducing distractions, it helps to ensure that your mind is less likely to wander in other directions. During the course of your development, these posters and pictures should also be updated and modified regularly in response to your changing thoughts.

  • Colours of a Study Table as Per Vastu

Study tables are used by individuals to concentrate and work on their assignments. Choosing a study table with a lighter or neutral color palette will enhance concentration levels. Study rooms should be painted green, light-green, pastel blue, cream, or white because these colors aid in focusing the mind. According to Vastu guidelines, these study table colors have a very soothing effect on the mind and enhance concentration.

As a result, a professional study abroad expert recommends that you avoid a dark-colored study table in order to avoid attracting negative energy. However, if the table is dark in color, covering it with a warm white or neutral colored table cloth can help eliminate Vastu dosh.

  • Place the study table against a wall

Vastu Shastra suggests that the best direction for study table is either the east or the north direction; therefore, placing it against a wall can aid in improving concentration. However, it is important to avoid painting the walls in dark colors as they can attract and invite negativity and poor vibes.

  • A lamp should be placed on the study table

Apart from knowing the study table direction as per vastu, it’s important to add some items on it too. For better visibility and positivity, a brightly lit lamp should always be placed on the study table according to Vastu. Based on the Vastu directions for the study table, the lamp should be positioned in the southeast corner of the study table.

  • Get rid of the clutter on the study table

There should never be any clutter on your study table, as clutter invites negative energy to your table. In a clean, organized study environment, creativity is stimulated and students are open to learning new things. In contrast, a disorganized and dirty study table causes tension in the student’s mind and leads to low moods. For more information about vastu, get in touch with a trusted study abroad expert.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Direction for Study Table at Home

Here are some benefits of choosing the right study table direction as per vastu at home:

  • When the study table is placed correctly, it creates a positive environment, conducive to focusing on the task at hand. 
  • It enhances the ability to grasp and memorize information more quickly. 
  • There is an increase in the overall performance of students. 
  • Furthermore, it helps reduce exam-related stress, anxiety, and nerves. 
  • Tests are handled more confidently and effectively by students. 

By following the correct study table direction as per vastu, it is likely that you will improve your grades over time.

In order to have a positive environment around you, Vastu tips are essential. Vastu Shastra provides us with guidelines on what dos and don’ts to follow when undertaking a project or undertaking a construction project. Hence, using the right study table direction as per vastu will enhance your concentration, improve your memory, and assist you in reaching greater heights in your career.