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With a long history of spearheading advanced education, Europe is home to large numbers of the world’s most seasoned and most lofty colleges – and a considerable lot of the most interesting and appealing student friendly urban areas. European nations, and their colleges, are obviously all totally different – as far as language, way of life and living expenses. Nonetheless, under the Bologna Process, European colleges are attempting to normalize degree frameworks. For EU students, deciding to concentrate in Europe outside the nation of origin ought to be generally direct, with educational expenses charged at nearby rates and no visa prerequisites. Europe is the support to probably the main dialects on the planet. European advanced education establishments offer a wide assortment of study programs in various languages, for example, in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese. While you have the chance to study in Europe, you can also concentrate in a bilingual program and become conversant in two languages!

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$18.292 Trillion (2019)
Official Language
Popular Cities
Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague
74.75 Crore
Cool summer humid-continental


Why Study in Europe?

Offers world class education

Free education or Low tuition fee

Travel the whole continent and and explore different cultures easily.

Choose from a plethora of courses and top institutions.

Multicultural environment

Interesting Facts About Europe

  • Most Universities do not need any GRE or SAT tests for admissions.
  • Welcomes more than 1 million international students every year ensuring diversity.
  • Offers a political stability, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a safe to stay and study.
  • Low cost of studying when compared to other countries like USA and Australia.
  • Home to some of the world leading companies Such as Volkswagen, HSBC, BP, BMW, Tesco, Vodafone, Barclays, Unilever, Renault, Lufthansa, etc.


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