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Global Education Tendency of Indian Students

Indian Students Globally

In recent years the majority of Indian students are looking forward to career options globally to increase their career opportunities. Due to a high increase and diversification by institutions and countries in the international student population, education in foreign countries is also growing every year.

Statistics show that the mobile student population globally increases by 8% every year, hence, it has been assumed that the number of Indian students will be more than 8 million worldwide by the year 2025.

Trends in International higher education

The five major countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany are the Five Nations in the world with more than 50% of global Indian students. The rise in the figures of Indian students studying overseas suggests that the country is leading over china due to ranked top in the international student market.

Reasons why Indian students are attracted to foreign countries for education?

  1. Canada

The increasing tendency among Indian students is more in Canada because:

  • Budget-friendly than the US
  • Safe and Peaceful Environment
  • Ethnically Diverse
  1. Australia

This country is considered as the second most trending among Indian students as Australian universities are making great efforts to provide high-quality education globally.

  1. The United Kingdom

Despite the country’s high living standards and new Visa policies, the desire of Indian students to learn in UK universities is increasing because its degrees are highly recognized globally.

  1. Impact of immigration policies

As we all know that many Indian students desire to immigrate to two foreign countries for job opportunities and to obtain higher education. Similarly, one of the major reasons for the Indian student’s shift is the pro-immigration policies of Australia and Canada. We Indians have great concern regarding our budget such as accommodation overseas, so due to this reason, students search for foreign countries with cost-effective living standards.

  1. New future of growth desires

There has been a strong rise in demand for international education among Indian students for years. for example, there were more than 17.7 million students in 2018 who search for a master’s degree through Study portals.

The new percentage of education seekers in India concentrates at the undergraduate level and courses like engineering and computer science.

  1. No difficulty admission

As, in India, admission to Indian schools such as the Indian Institute of technology, all India institute of medical science, etc. requires a tough level of the entrance exam, which is why many Indian students failed to do that. In contrast to the last statement, admission for Indian students abroad schools is much easier for Indian students. They only need a strong academic background and enough money e to choose their education overseas.

  1. Availability of learning options

These days Indian students look forward to advancing education and desire to learn a wide range of programs in foreign countries. Therefore, universities in countries like Canada, UK, and the US offer Indian students a huge number of top-ranked courses and provide them with a better career path. They offer courses like:

  • Engineering Programs
  • Health and Medicine
  • Social Studies and Media
  • Natural Sciences

Education Revenue

Hence, after China, more than 300,000 Indian students begin their higher studies in foreign countries in 2016. Based on the figures our team has found that the total number of Indian students studying overseas was 66,713 in the year 2000 which rose to 301,406 in 2016. All these figures were presented by the UNESCO Institute of statistics.

As of July 2018, the Indian ministry of external affairs revealed the updated figures of Indian students abroad are 753,000.

  • The United States with 211,703 students
  • Australia had 87,115 students
  • In Canada, there were 124,000 Indian students in 2018

Therefore, it is strongly believed that the number of Indian students studying in foreign countries will continue to grow in the coming years.

For Indian students studying abroad means learning new languages, different cultures, accepting challenges, living in a new atmosphere, gaining new experiences, etc. Apart from this, studying overseas opens doors for new job opportunities.

In the end, we all know that the economic growth of India relies on our future generation, hence, either way in terms of the country’s growth prospects international learning and obtaining education in foreign universities is a life-changing experience for Indian students.

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