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Mechanical Engineering in Germany

When it comes to mechanical engineer, Germany is considered the best place to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. There is a big demand for mechanical engineers who have studied from Germany due to the high quality of their education. Not only does Germany have some of the best globally recognized institutions, but it also comes on top at R&D in Europe. It is for that reason Germany is the third most popular destination among international students. Throughout this blog, we will understand why you must pursue your mechanical career in Germany.


No Tuition Fees

Yes, you heard it right; most German universities do not ask for tuition fees from the student. Education is effectively free in Germany. This reduced the cost of education significantly, unlike other countries where large college fees become a burden on many students. Other than that, there are many scholarships for international students that reduce the cost even more.


Robust Curriculum

Germany produces some of the best mechanical engineers in the world because of its robust curriculum. The approach of education is industry-oriented. Universities and business experts have joined together to provide a realistic approach making it the industry leader. This allows students to be prepared for their Job right after completing their education.


Presence of World-Class Automobile Companies

Germany is famous for being the home country of some of the biggest and most reputed automobile brands such as BMW, AUDI, Ferrari, and many more. This opens the door of opportunities for the students. They can get hands-on experience in these companies during their internship, as well as can later get a job in these companies.

Availability of Part-Time Job

While pursuing your studies, you can also do up to 20 hours of a part-time job weekly in Germany to make a decent living. On top of that, after your studies, you can even stay up to 18 months in Germany to find Job or to enrol yourself in another program.


The above-given reasons make Germany an ideal place for students who want to pursue their careers in mechanical engineering. Now the question comes, how can you get admission to German universities?


For the Bachelor’s program, Germany requires 13 years of formal education. Students from countries with only 12 years of formal education have to enrol for one year of foundation year course to compensate for that. Maters program needs the student to have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with at least 75%. Besides that, language test score such as IELTS or TOEFL is also needed. The requirement of German language proficiency depends on the university where you want to apply. However, knowledge of the basic German language is recommended since it will help the student live with ease in Germany.


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