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Migration Checklist Before Moving To Australia


Migration Checklist before moving to Australia

Wandering about migrating to Australia?

Well, then you need to read this article. This article will guide you with every single piece of information about migration to Australia.

Here is your checklist

  1. Learn everything about Australia

Migrating to a foreign country is a very big decision because immigration means moving from one culture to another. Besides, it takes a lot of time for arrangements, planning, packing, collecting legal documents, etc. Let us inform you that Australia is one of the most friendly countries in the world to migrate to. Before moving find about its culture, living standard, and many such things necessary.

  1. Recognize immigration laws

Immigration laws are different in different countries globally, so, it is essential to identify all rules, visa application details, accommodation booking regulations, etc. In Australia, laws change frequently so before moving to the country discuss with your agent.

  1. Prepare legal papers

Apart from your passport, gather all other necessary documents like licenses, certificates, insurance papers, university records, etc. Just make sure to keep extra copies of all these documents if required in emergencies. Have a look at Dropbox, Google Drive, or In the Cloud, to place your papers online.

  1. Apply for a visa!

This is the most important part of the migration, as you can’t move abroad without a visa. There are 2 kinds of skilled visas to move to Australia forever, one is a 189 visa and the other is a 180 visa. according to the Department of Immigration of the Australian Government, you need to pay a certain amount as your visa fees, hence, fulfill all necessary visa details and apply for them on time

  1. Migration budget

Before you begin your trip to a new country, prepare your budget smartly because Australia is considered an expensive place, specifically, if you are planning for Sydney or Melbourne. At least keep a little extra money to survive in the starting months like approx. AU$5,000.

  1. Make sure to transfer funds to a new Australian bank account

Open a new bank account of your choice in Australia and transfer funds from your current bank account 3 months before your traveling.

  1. Find a home in the country and book the best option

Of course, finding a residence to live in a foreign country is a bit difficult task and also a very important one, therefore, book accommodation before you move to Australia. For example, Airbnb or hostels are the less expensive options for you as their rents are approx. $50 per night for a private room.

  1. Which city is best in Australia for migration?

You may take into consideration the following:

  • For enjoying the nightlife and beaches, go to Sydney.
  • If you want to have a highly paid job, then Darwin is a great option.
  • If your aim is sports, tropical temperatures, and city life, then Brisbane is all in one.
  • If you love eating food, art, and music, then choose Melbourne.
  1. Also, make a list of various job options in Australia

Before leaving, find some jobs in Oz in your chosen city in Australia, as it is tough to acquire a job in this country, besides its good economic conditions. It is also essential to register as a working holidaymaker employer to get tax at a precise rate.

Note: Gumtree and seek.com.au can be used to find jobs

  1. Buy Forex

One of our clients who migrated to Australia informed us about buying Forex exchange, i.e., he mentioned that according to RBI guidelines we cant buy Forex exchange before 60 days of traveling date. Therefore, once you meet the eligibility criteria, keep a check on currency movement and purchase at the right time.

  1. Enable international roaming

In order to keep your Indian contacts active, make sure to start international roaming on your phones. After all, this will also help you to get credit card OTPs for transactions in India.

  1. Send necessary items to Australia before leaving your home country

In the last days of the final immigration date, we have a lot of tasks to complete, so it would be better if you ship some items to Australia on time.


We have covered all the necessary and small details to make it easier for you. start meeting the following details as soon as possible and make sure to enjoy your journey.

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