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Top 6 Innovative Careers for Engineering students

In a world that is constantly changing, engineering is one of the few careers that is stable. Despite technological advancements, many professionals have trouble upgrading their skill sets, but engineers seem to enjoy them. Furthermore, statistics show that an innovative engineer has the highest starting salary, which is 20% higher than the average salary in similar careers. The field of engineering opens up a world of possibilities for any technical job that involves the solution of complex problems in a simple manner. Despite this, many people believe that engineering jobs are monotonous.

Six Top Innovative Career Options To Choose

You may only be aware of traditional engineering courses, but they aren’t the only options. Engineering offers a wide range of career choices, including environmental clean-up, the development of prosthetic aids for disabled individuals, the development of clean, efficient transportation systems, the discovery of new energy sources, alleviating world hunger, and enhancing the standard of living in underdeveloped countries. To clear any doubt about the field of engineering, here are the top six innovative careers that students can choose to opt for to lead a successful life: 

  • Blockchain Engineer

Over the course of time, the Blockchain industry is slowly evolving, making it the most innovative career. The concept is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies. There is much more to blockchain than that. Basically, Blockchain Engineering involves specialising in and developing digital solutions using Blockchain technology. In blockchain technology, block nodes are stored in a connected database known as a chain. These nodes are analyzed by Blockchain Engineers who provide solutions relating to this technology. An individual who wishes to pursue a career as a Blockchain Engineer must possess excellent technical ability and knowledge of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins.

  • Marine Engineer

A marine engineer’s responsibilities include planning, designing, producing, and maintaining all kinds of ships and sea vessels. An interesting fact about naval architecture: It is one of the oldest forms of engineering. The role of this innovative engineer is to determine what power and design are best for propelling a sea vessel. In addition to ocean science and oceanography, marine engineering involves the study of the ocean. Essentially, marine engineering is the equivalent of civil engineering on land. There has been an increase of 9% in employment opportunities for this particular career over the past couple of years, and it is expected to continue to grow. For those who enjoy oceans and the sighting of ships, the job of a marine engineer is the most innovative career available.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The Artificial Intelligence Engineer builds, tests, and deploys AI models and develops software infrastructures related to this field. AI engineers must possess knowledge of Machine Learning, problem-solving abilities, and advanced coding skills. There are several programming languages in demand in this field, including Python, Java, C++, and Perl. The machine learning and data science fields are experiencing a rapid rise in popularity with many students becoming innovative engineer. The field of engineering offers an innovative course in AI Engineering. There is so much more to it than you could ever imagine.

  • Formula One Racing Engineer

It is the perfect career choice for individuals who possess a need for speed. Basically, racing engineers are F1 racers’ right hands since they communicate with them in order to provide them with the necessary advice. The engineer plays a very important role during racing events, as he or she is responsible for determining how the car is to be run. This includes improving the efficiency of speed and choosing the appropriate type of tyre for the vehicle. As a result of this intricate and innovative engineer, the race will be able to receive the fuel to be successful. A racing engineer is responsible for a number of duties in addition to automotive engineering, physics, and math. He is also the primary contact between the racer and the technical team, so excellent communication skills are essential. If you are interested in cars and racing, this is the perfect career choice for you!

  • Entertainment Engineer

The Entertainment Engineer creates and innovates mechanical and structural systems for entertainment staging, amusement parks, and other forms of entertainment. As part of their work, entertainment engineers also manufacture innovative stage sets for concerts that rotate and move in a specific manner. In addition to creating theme park rides, they also create highly intricate movie sets. In order to succeed in this innovative career, you must have high levels of creativity and technical expertise, as safety is also a factor that must be considered when designing a project. Moreover, the degree in Entertainment Engineering allows you to design movie sets or concert stages for your favorite stars.

  • Food Engineer

Have you ever wondered how food factories are equipped to perform precisely while watching the behind-the-scenes view of the production of your favourite snack? Food engineering encompasses all aspects of the food processing industry, including microbiology, chemistry, plant operation, and food packaging safety. As a result, they are able to increase production while maintaining a low level of maintenance. In addition, they ensure that the food that is made in factories is safe and healthy. In fact, food engineering is a career that is both innovative and important to humanity. As a result, they play a significant role in the supply chain of food. Hence, an innovative career in Food Engineering may be your best option if you enjoy both food and engineering.

It is possible to pursue a variety of engineering careers with an engineering degree, ranging from electrical and computer engineering to environmental and medicinal engineering. It should be noted, however, that many young college graduates today will pursue multiple careers throughout their careers, and engineering can serve as an excellent foundation for virtually any of them. 

Hopefully, this article has successfully covered promising and rewarding careers in the field of Engineering. Thus, if you have decided to pursue a career in any of these fields and choose to study abroad in USA, ensure to visit the best study abroad consultants with years of experience and knowledge to support your academic journey abroad.