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Studying Abroad Scholarships

A scholarship is a financial aid reward to students centered on academic achievement or other criteria that may involve a financial need for schooling purposes. Besides, scholarships often reflect the core values and objectives of the donor or founder of the award. Most importantly, students don’t have to repay the scholarship money. So, students with limited financial means can earn scholarships to attain an excellent education.
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The funds offered through scholarships are employed to cover the cost of books, tuition, room, board, and various other vital expenses directly related to a student’s educational cost through the university. Thus, there are several common types of scholarships like:

Merit-Based Scholarship

Generally, merit-based scholarships are granted to deserving students with financial assistance. These scholarships appraise a student’s merit based on their academic records or their performance in scholarship tests. It helps them attain their educational goals of establishing a satisfying career.

Student Specific Scholarship

Most student-specific scholarships are granted to individuals of a particular race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or medical history. The most popular student-specific scholarships are for discriminated populations, especially women and minorities. However, minority qualifications will vary based on the kind of scholarship.

Need-Based Scholarship

As the name indicates, need-based scholarships are offered to students under financially weaker sections of society. These scholarships allow students to pursue their higher education despite not meeting the financial requirements.

Program / Career Based Scholarships

According to their specific major or field of study, these scholarships are awarded by professional institutions or abroad programs to students. They also need to check a student’s academic profile and personal achievements before granting such scholarships.

Scholarships Categories


Indian scholarships are generally initiated to permit Indian students to work towards their utmost potential. Several students are incredibly talented, but because of a lack of finance, they cannot continue their higher education. Thus, various Indian scholarship schemes cover tuition fees, admission fees, accommodation costs, and food costs.


Generally, university scholarships are grants, tuition waivers, etc., rewarded by the institution based on their preferences and standards. Whether you excel in academics or not, you might find a scholarship that works well for you. These scholarships are sought mainly by students who indulge in a particular area of interest or study.


As the name suggests, international scholarships are granted to international students coming into the host country. Key factors that highly influence international scholarship are experience or experience in extracurricular that the host country lacks, quality statements of purpose, and more. A trusted scholarships provider gives these types of scholarships to students worldwide.