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Privacy Policy

A. Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

Your personal information helps us to guide you better. To provide information about our services and provide education, we use the information you provide to us. With your personal information with us, we safeguard and promote the welfare of the students and provide them access to the universities. With the help of your personal information, we provide you with relevant web content and advertisements while measuring or understanding the effectiveness of the advertising we present to you. In addition to making suggestions about services of interest to you, we may use the information you provide to make recommendations.

B. What information do we collect, and how do we use it?

Information you provide:

In our first interaction, we will try to understand your requirement from us. During the registration for certain site features, we ask for basic information like your name, email address, date of birth, contact information, and other personal data. The data helps us to provide more effective services to you. Also, when we organize some webinar or content, you might have to give your personal information just in case you haven’t registered. If you want us to make timely payment on your behalf, we would require your credit card or bank account details.
Whenever you purchase our product or service, you become our close customer, so in order to deliver you with great experience, we store the activities you did on our web pages. These data are stored in our server, and we use these data to track if you need any help from us.


On our website, we collect non-personal data about visitors. These statistics are provided to develop a general overview, including how many visitors have visited each page, what type of browser has been used to view the site, and which paths have been taken through it. The person cannot be identified under any circumstances.
Cookies are small text files that help servers identify your computer but not your identity. By placing cookies on your computer, we will be able to customize and enrich your visit. The functionality of cookies can be disabled using your browser’s settings if you do not wish to have this facility. You may encounter problems with some of our services and features if your cookies are disabled.

Log Information:

Each time you visit our website, our servers record the information your browser sends. You may find such information in these server logs as your web request, your IP address, the type of browser you’re using, the language of your browser, as well as one or more cookies that help in uniquely identifying your browser.

User Communications:

Whenever you communicate with us, we may retain your communication to respond to your questions, address your requests and enhance our services and provide you with a better experience every time.


Our links may be displayed in such a way that we can keep track of whether these links have been followed. Through this information, we can improve our personalized content. Some links may open external websites. If you visit another website, please be aware that privacy policies may differ from ours, and we will not be responsible for that. If you leave our website, you should be aware of and review the privacy statements of each and every site you visit. We process our every privacy policy under the guideline of law. Our Privacy Statement only applies to information that is collected on our website only.


After knowing about your personal preferences, we almost get an idea of what service you need. That is why we send alert messages through e-mail or phone that inform you about the new service that might be useful to you.

Public Forums:

You share certain information at your own risk, like comments, messages, and posting photos that are available in an open forum, and anyone can access that information. This information is disclosed through some website features like discussion forums and comments sections after the blog. We urge you to be aware that any information you include in your profile or when posting on our forums could become public.

Data Security:

If you use an online feature associated with the payment of the fee, we transmit your credit card data to our bank to process it. If a payment problem occurs, the information you provide about your order may be reviewed with you and our bank. Your credit card information will not be disclosed in any other way. We don’t share your e-mail address or any other information about you with third parties, and we follow this policy strictly.

The information collected on our order form is encrypted to help protect credit card information. The entire website is encrypted for the security of the sensitive information you share with us. However, we can not neglect the fact that no computer system is fully secured. Our Site/payment partners maintain security measures that minimize the possibility of security issues to a level appropriate for the type of information and data.
Protecting your data is our top priority. To do so, the security design has integrated technical, administrative, and physical security safeguards. In addition, we adopt a set of comprehensive internal policies that prevent unauthorized access to all data. As part of our commitment to comply with the privacy and security, we ensure all third parties with whom we share data adopt a reasonable level of security practices and procedures to protect your personal information.
We are not liable for any loss, unauthorized access, security issues, or any harm resulting from improper use of your personal information, except in cases of direct and foreseeable harm caused by negligence and non-compliance on our part. By signing this agreement, you agree that we shall not be liable to you or any other person for any loss, damage, or harm resulting from any third-party action or action on your part.
No liability will be accepted on behalf of the Company for any losses suffered by you following unauthorized access to any device.

C. Information Sharing

We ensure to keep your data safe while sharing your information with a third party. With the exception of the information mentioned above about credit card information, any personal information we collect is only shared with third parties outside of Gateway International when the following conditions are met:

  1. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, and governmental requests
  2. Pertaining to terms of use, including investigating possible violations
  3. Fraud, security, or technical issues can be reported, prevented, or resolved by identifying and addressing these issues.
  4. The company must safeguard its users, property, or safety against imminent harm if required by law. Our company shares non-personal information with third parties, such as how many subscribers there are to a particular product. We do not associate this information to any individual.
  5. When you use any feature of your website or register yourself with us, you give us the authority to connect with you through mail or phone. You allow us to send our services, offers, and information about a current event. Whenever required, we use your information to send you offers and promotional discounts offered by third parties. Despite signing up for the Denial of service or Denial of consent or Denial of Protection service, you still give Gateway Internationals permission to contact you up to 365 days from the date of registration with us.

What is the retention period for user data?

Following GDPR guidelines, we retain data only as long as we have a legitimate need. Our goal is to retain your personal data for no longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
The length of time we should keep personal data depends on the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the information, its potential for harm from unauthorized use or disclosure.
We will get your explicit consent before sharing your data with any company outside Gateway International for marketing purposes. Also, we do not share everything with the third party; we have a set of rules describing the limits of sharing personal information for specified purposes.
For more information on our data retention policy, which can be obtained by contacting us, which provides details on the periods we retain various aspects of your data.

E. Grievances or complaints

Gateway Internationals’ Grievance Officer can respond to any grievances you may have about any use of Your personal information or any other privacy concerns you may have. We assure you that you will be heard as soon as we get your complaint.
Grievance mail-id:

Contact Us

We can be reached by writing or connecting with us by telephone if there are any questions regarding the privacy policy. The contact details are given below:

F. Disclaimer

The information we collect from prospective students who wish to utilize our consultancy services is personal and confidential. The information mentioned on the website is only for general information, and it has no connection with the other consultancy. The purpose of collecting information by Gateway International is to provide you with updates about the service and inform you about any other products and services we offer. However, we do not represent or guarantee the website’s content (written and graphics) or information about the product and services. The user will be solely accountable for the information they put on our website in front of the third member.
Neither we nor our associates will be responsible for any loss or damage arising from, or in any way involved with, any use of this website. The links given on the website for a better understanding of the user have no connection with Gateway International, and we do not control the activities of their website. We do not endorse the product or service of any other website; we only use their websites link for the purpose of information.
Gateway Internation put efforts to make the website responsive, up-to-date and smooth in its functions. However, some technical issues may sometimes occur, leading to the improper function of the website, which we even do not have control over.

G. Data Deletion

Our privacy policy give you that flexibility. You may request to remove your details permanently from our records. You can send us an e-mail with the concerning subject line, and we will proceed with your data deletion request from there.
Send us an e-mail at:
Subject line: Data Deletion Request <Email-Id of the User>

H. Grievance Redressal

1. The Information and Technology Act, 2005 (“IT Act”) gives us the authority to appoint a Grievance Officer to deal with inquiries or complaints about the use of user data; the Grievance Officer can be reached at:
2. To file a complaint or to raise concerns regarding the use of your user data, please send an e-mail to us at e-mail id , or send a letter to us at: Office Address
3. The Grievance Officer will acknowledge your email within 24 hours of receiving it. We conduct a hearing and discussion after your request or complaint, and within 15 days, we present you with a solid solution from our end.