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Quick guide on how to study abroad in Canada  

Study in Canada

If you are looking for a world-class education, Canada can be the right fit for you. Studying abroad in Canada offers many benefits, including top-notch universities, diverse cultures, and an excellent quality of life. In this step-by-step guide, we will explain everything you need to know about study in Canada, from the advantages of studying here to the top Canadian universities you can enroll to.

Top benefits of working and studying in Canada

To work and study in Canada is an excellent opportunity for many people. Not only does it provide great job prospects and a high quality of life, but it also offers many other benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of working and study in Canada:

  1. Advanced quality education: Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls reflect its high-quality education. Canada has 10 of the top universities worldwide not to mention, that 2 out of every 5 academics hold an international degree. Truly, Canada provides top-notch education which can help push a student’s career trajectory toward a successful future. Hence, studying abroad in Canada offers foreign students the opportunity to gain an education that will be globally recognised and highly regarded anywhere in the world.
  2. Internationally recognised degrees: A Canadian degree, a diploma or a certificate in one of the top Canadian universities is globally recognised and will validate your career pursuits. For example, the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, and the University of Waterloo are some of the top Canadian universities that are featured in the top 50 engineering and technology institutes in the world.
  3. Cultural diversification: The diversity of nationalities in Canada will help a student develop a global mindset and build their network with different students and professionals from around the world. Should you decide to work and study in Canada, you can expect that it is not just all work and no play. You also get to make new friends and benefit from the different social activities from the Olympic-quality sports facilities to the public concert halls and art galleries, etc.Study in Canada

Education system in Canada

Canada is a favorite destination for students, and a big reason for that is its high-quality education that doesn’t break the bank. The Canadian government invests a lot of money in higher education, and it ranks among the top three countries in spending per person on post-secondary education.

Because Canada’s education system is overseen by provincial governments, the study levels and educational stages may be organised differently and have various names. Here’s an overview:




Bachelor’s degree

3 to 4 years

An undergraduate degree that requires successful completion of secondary school. The duration varies by province and program, but most last for 4 years. Some provinces like Quebec offer 3-year bachelor’s degrees.

Bachelor’s Honors degree

4 years

Achieving a specific GPA or credits is often part of a major or specialist program.

Postgraduate Diploma

1 to 2 years

A post-bachelor’s degree qualification.

How Much does it Cost to Study in Canada?

To study in Canada, you need to secure funds for your tuition, living expenses and accommodation for your study tenure.

  • Tuition: Your expenditure on your tuition fee depends on the type of qualification and the university or school you opt for. To cover this, you will need between CAD 13,000 and CAD 30,000 annually
  • Cost of living: Aside from securing your tuition funds, you will need to have additional funds for your living expenses. The average cost of living to work and study in Canada amounts to CAD 10,000 annually. In addition, you will also need to keep a little money aside for your grocery shopping, social activities, and emergencies. Our best advice is to manage your funds effectively through an efficient budget planner or consider applying for part-time jobs

Top Canadian Universities for International Students

Among all the top Canadian universities, here is the list of popular ones among international students:

  1. University Canada WestUniversity Canada West is a business-oriented university that offers an MBA and bachelor’s degree that will prepare you to be an effective leader in the workplace. UCW (University Canada West) is known for its ability to innovate, and they are effective in preparing motivated students for professional-level careers. UCW Vancouver’s learning environment is dynamic and practical. The University of Canada West accepts applicants for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and they have flexible intakes throughout the year such as October (Fall), January (Winter), April (Spring) and July (Summer). It is a prime location, in the heart of downtown, and has an amazing advantage for students who would like to explore nearby bars, restaurants, stores etc.
  1. Carleton UniversityCarleton University is in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Globally diverse, the students come from all over the world. In addition to providing superior academic experiences, the university has a team of passionate and dedicated faculty who are committed to boosting their students’ professional success. Carleton University is renowned for its innovations in research, teaching, and learning, and how it emphasises practical classroom experience. The university is also ranked as #5 among comprehensive universities in Canada and #3 for student satisfaction as per Maclean’s University.
  1. University of Guelph: The University of Guelph is ranked #1 of Canada’s Top Comprehensive Universities. The university also received a 5-star ranking from the QS World University Ranking for various fields such as research, teaching, internationalization etc. These rankings just attest to the wide variety of academic opportunities that the university provides such as a significant amount of research and an extensive range of professional courses for students to choose from. Furthermore, they have an internationally recognized faculty and state-of-the-art facilities which enabled them to rank higher in student satisfaction as compared to Canada’s other medium-sized universities.

Top Colleges in Canada

Canada has several top colleges known for their academic excellence and diverse programs. Some of the top colleges in Canada include:

  1. George Brown College: Located in Toronto, George Brown College is renowned for its practical and industry-relevant programs, particularly in the fields of business and healthcare.
  2. Centennial College: This college is known for its innovative programs and strong ties to industry partners, offering students real-world experience.
  3. Mohawk College: Mohawk College offers a wide range of programs and is known for its strong support for international students.
  4. Langara College: Located in Vancouver, Langara College is known for its exceptional education and beautiful campus.
  5. Sheridan College: Known for its creative programs, Sheridan College is highly regarded for its animation, film, and design programs.
  6. Durham College: This college offers practical programs and has a strong focus on experiential learning.

Study in Canada is an exciting opportunity for personal and academic growth. By following these steps and staying proactive, you’ll be well-prepared for a successful and enriching experience in the Great White North. For more information, Visit or get in touch with our trusted study abroad consultants. International and avail our wide range of services for students on destinations like Study in UKStudy in USAStudy in New-ZealandStudy in Ireland and many other countries.