Study in the Netherlands: Cycle Your Way to a Top Degree
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Unforgettable Journey: Why Study in the Netherlands?

Study in the Netherlands

Unlocking Boundless Opportunities: Study in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, a land of windmills, tulips, and vibrant canals, beckons adventurers and knowledge seekers alike. But beyond its picturesque landscapes and captivating culture lies a world-class education system, making it a prime destination for international students pursuing a transformative study abroad experience. If you’re considering embarking on this academic adventure, let’s delve into the compelling reasons why studying in the Netherlands is the perfect choice for you.

A Diverse and Dynamic Educational Landscape

Spoilt for Choice: Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

Study in the Netherlands boasts a rich tapestry of over 70 universities and universities of applied sciences, each offering a unique academic flavor. Research-oriented universities like Leiden University and Utrecht University cater to those seeking deep theoretical knowledge, while universities of applied sciences, such as Hanze UAS Groningen and Hogeschool Rotterdam, emphasize practical skills and industry-relevant qualifications. This diverse landscape ensures you find your perfect academic fit, regardless of your chosen field.

English-Friendly Embrace: Language Barriers Crumble

Worried about the language barrier? Fear not! Study in the Netherlands ranks amongst the highest in English proficiency worldwide. Over 90% of Dutch citizens speak English fluently, and a vast majority of study programs, particularly at Master’s level, are offered entirely in English. This fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment, allowing you to seamlessly integrate into student life without needing Dutch language skills.

Innovation Hub: Where Curiosity Meets Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Study in the Netherlands is a breeding ground for groundbreaking research and innovation. From pioneering water management solutions to spearheading sustainable agriculture, Dutch universities are at the forefront of tackling global challenges. By studying here, you gain access to cutting-edge knowledge, world-renowned faculty, and exceptional research facilities, propelling you to the forefront of your chosen field.

Charting your Course

Finding your academic haven: With over 70 universities and universities of applied sciences, choosing the right program can be daunting.

  • Research universities: Focus on theoretical knowledge and in-depth research, ideal for Ph.D. aspirants or research-oriented fields.
  • Universities of applied sciences: Emphasize practical skills and professional preparation, perfect for vocational or job-oriented degrees.

Popular study fields: Best courses to study in Netherlands

  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Sciences and Agriculture
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Creative Arts and Design

Exploring funding options: Tuition fees vary depending on your program and institution.

  • EU/EEA students: Enjoy subsidized tuition fees.
  • Non-EU students: Scholarships, grants, and student loans can ease the financial burden.

The application process: Each university has its own requirements, but generally, you’ll need:

  • Transcripts and diplomas
  • Standardized test scores (TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Motivation statement

Global Opportunities While Study in the Netherlands

An Immersive Cultural Experience

Studying in the Netherlands extends far beyond the classroom walls. It’s about immersing yourself in a vibrant tapestry of culture and history.

Embrace the “Gezelligheid”: A Culture of Friendliness and Inclusion

The Dutch are renowned for their warmth and welcoming spirit, embracing the concept of “gezelligheid,” which translates to cozy, convivial, and good-natured. This translates to a friendly and inclusive student life, where international students are readily welcomed into local social circles and cultural events. Whether it’s enjoying a vibrant “borrel” (Dutch after-work drinks) or joining a lively student association, you’ll find countless opportunities to connect with Dutch peers and forge lifelong friendships.

A Tapestry of History and Art: Uncover the Dutch Golden Age

From the majestic canals of Amsterdam to the world-renowned museums of Delft and Utrecht, Study in the Netherlands is a living museum of art and history. You’ll be in close proximity to historical landmarks like Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh Museum, allowing you to delve deeper into the country’s rich heritage and artistic legacy. Exploring these treasures opens a window into a unique cultural perspective, enriching your academic journey with unforgettable experiences.

A Cyclist’s Paradise: Explore on Two Wheels

Get ready to embrace a new mode of transportation! Study in the Netherlands is synonymous with cycling, and with over 35,000 kilometers of dedicated bike paths, your trusty bicycle will become your key to exploring picturesque towns, countryside scenery, and bustling cityscapes. Cycling in the Netherlands is not just a means of transport; it’s a deeply ingrained part of the culture, promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering a sustainable way to navigate this charming country.

Study in the Netherlands

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Investing in Your Future: Career Launchpad Advantages

Studying in the Netherlands is not just about the present; it’s an investment in your future career.

Industry-Ready Skills: Equip Yourself for Globalized Markets

Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences emphasize practical skills and real-world experience. Internship opportunities are seamlessly integrated into many programs, providing valuable professional exposure and building your network. This industry-focused approach equips you with the skills and knowledge employers seek, making you a competitive candidate in a globalized job market.

 A Gateway to Europe: A Springboard to International Opportunities

Study in the Netherlands strategic location in the heart of Europe makes it a hub for international connections. Study  in the Netherlands opens doors to internships and job opportunities across the continent, broadening your professional horizons and allowing you to network with international businesses and organizations. This unique vantage point gives you a head start in building a truly international career.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit: Spark Your Innovative Drive

Study in the Netherlands is a nation that fosters innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. From tech startups in Amsterdam to established multinationals like Philips, the Dutch ecosystem encourages creative ideas and business ventures.


Embarking on a journey to study abroad in the Netherlands opens doors to unparalleled academic and cultural experiences. Armed with this guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the challenges, make informed decisions, and relish every moment of this transformative adventure. Get assistance to study abroad from our international education experts at Gateway International and get free consultancy for study abroad  who can help guide you throughout your study abroad journey