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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the biggest branches of Engineering and deals with the designing, manufacturing and understanding of electronic devices and equipment via the application of the concepts of electricity. The course additionally teaches the students to test and supervise the electrical equipment productions too. 

All those who are willing to pursue this course need to complete their Class 12 with a minimum of 50% marks and should have a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. To do post graduation, one needs to have a minimum of 50% in their BTECH degree. Several universities abroad also require the GRE and IELTS marks of the aspiring candidates. You can further take help from an overseas education consultant from Edysor to navigate the entry criteria in detail. 

To become skilled in the field of electrical engineering you will need to enhance several aspects of your skill set while acquiring some new ones. The skills that you need to have include technical skills, mathematical skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills and the like.

Best Country To Do The Course

In order to opt for the best courses in Engineering in usa, uk, etc, you will need to know the best countries that offer the course. UK and USA being the countries with the most efficient and advanced technology, making the best use of electricity are definitely the leading places to have universities that offer the best electrical engineering courses.

Duration Of The Course
  • 4 Years for Bachelor Degree 
  • 2 Years for Masters Degree 
  • 2 Years of Doctorate Degree
Job Roles
  • Electrical Engineer 
  • Electronic Engineer 
  • System Analyst 
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer
  •  Broadcast Engineer
Recruiting Companies
  • Large Power Plants 
  • Hardware Companies 
  • Manufacturing and Operating Power Plants 
  • Electrical Motor companies 
  • Ignition manufacturing companies
Average Package Offered Ranges from INR 2 – 6 LPA
Top 5 Universities
  • Stanford University 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley 
  • Imperial College London 
  • Harvard University

If you really want to pursue this course but do not know where to start from, these basic details will give
you an overview of the course. Apart from that, if you feel that you need some additional guidance, you can avail the online consulting services of Edysor and get all your questions answered. They will help you navigate through the admissions process and how to apply for scholarships to study abroad.