Master the GRE: Your Path to Graduate Success

Navigating the GRE: Registration and Examination Overview for International Graduate Students

Graduate Research Examination, also known as GRE, is taken by millions of students each year to take admission in the graduate school. Since most countries accept GRE scores for admission, it opens the portal for international students to apply abroad for their higher studies.

GRE is primarily taken for two types of master’s programs, Master in Arts (MA) and Master in Science (MS). However, despite having mainly two graduate programs, it also has two categories.

The first type of GRE exam is GRE general, taken by all the students wishing to apply for MS or MA. This section contains three sections.

Analytical Writing

Primary aim of this section is to evaluate the writing skill of the candidate. Two tasks are undertaken in this section analysing the issue and assessing the argument. For each part, the candidate gets 30 minutes to complete. The Issue exercise asks students to express their thoughts on a topic of broad interest, followed by explicit responses. You must assess the problem, examine its complexity, and construct an argument that includes reasoning and examples to back up your claims. Whereas you are required to evaluate a provided argument according to specified instructions in the Argument task. Rather than agreeing or disagreeing with the argument's stance, you must examine its logical soundness.

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning section tests your ability to analyse and evaluate written content as well as synthesize knowledge gained from it, as well as analyse relationships between sentence component components and detect links between words and concepts. This section has three parts. The first one is text completion. In this section, the applicantswould be given questions that require you to choose the best word to finish a statement. This part can ask you to fill the numerous blanks sometimes during the course of a paragraph. The second part is sentence equivalence that asks you to choose the best possible word in order to complete the sentence. This section assesses your ability to choose the most closely linked two sentences. The third and last part of the verbal reasoning section is reading comprehension. This section examines your ability to read texts ranging in length from 100 to 450 words and react to a series of questions based on reading comprehension, study skills, and critical reasoning.

Quantitative Reasoning

This section evaluates the candidate's quantitative reasoning and mathematical analytic skills. It measures basic mathematical skills, understanding of elementary mathematics concepts, and aptitude to reason quantitatively and use quantitative approaches to model and solve issues. Quantitative Comparison questions, Multiple Choice questions (choose one answer), Multiple Choice questions (pick one or more answers), and Numeric Entry questions make up the Quantitative Reasoning parts of the test. The difference between the two types of Multiple Choice questions is essential to remember on test day. The difference between the two types of Multiple-Choice questions is essential to remember on test day.

Registration Process: GRE Exam

There is a three-way with which you can register yourself for the GRE: online, mail registration, and telephonic registration. Let’s discuss how you can enroll yourself through each of them.

Online: In order to take GRE general or GRE subject test through online medium, you first have to register yourself in the Educational Testing Service website During the registration, you will be asked to fill in basic information about yourself. Once you are done with the form, you need to select the date you want to take the GRE and make the payment. This form of registration is the most widely used registration method worldwide.

Mail Registration: In case you do not want to go with the online registration, you can also download the form online after the registration on the web. After successfully completing the form and choosing relevant options, you must have to send the form to Prometric 2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower–A Sector 25, Phase II, DLF City, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002 India. While posting the form, you have to ensure that it is reaching the destination at least three weeks before the choice of examination. After your form gets submitted rest of the information will be given to you over your registered email.

Telephonic Registration: Another way to register is through the telephone. You can call 91-124-4147700, which is the number of the Regional Registration Centre responsible for registering GRE. Once you have provided all the relevant information, a confirmation number, reporting time, and other details will be given to you. However, you must ensure that you have registered for the exam at least two days before the examination.

NOTE: The GRE general exam has many dates’ availability options since it is taken by most of the students. However, there is not that flexibility with the GRE subject, and you have to appear for the exam on the given date.

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