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Best MBA Colleges in the World

Without question, the MBA is the most popular and sought-after degree. MBA course is viewed as more of an investment than academic studies since they may provide a strong return on investment once the course is completed. The learning process and curriculum is often updated as business schools obtain new knowledge, tools, and information. Choosing a reputable business school, on the other hand, is essential for ensuring a high return on investment through placement and exposure to sectors; finding the ideal location to get an MBA has become more difficult than ever, with so many schools to choose from.


This blog guides you through some of the best colleges for MBA in the world.


  1. The Wharton School

The Wharton School of business is a part of the University of Pennsylvania. It is considered one of the best colleges for MBA in the world. Other than offering regular MBA courses of two years of duration, it also offers an Executive MBA along with a summer internship. Some of the notable alumni of the Wharton School are Warren Buffet, Sunder Pichai, and Donald Trump.


  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is part of Stanford University located in California near the world’s technology and innovation hub Silicon Valley providing its students the opportunity to work in large MNCs. It offers a full-time MBA program and an extensive range of dual-degree MBA programs. Some of the notable alumni of Stanford Graduate School of Business are Jeff Bewkes, Vinod Khosla, and Phil Knight.


  1. MIT Sloan School of Management:

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, MIT Sloan School of Management is part of the world-renowned institute MIT. In both practice and research, MIT Sloan promotes innovation. The Black–Scholes model, the Solow–Swan model, the random walk hypothesis, the binomial options pricing model, and system dynamics are some of the important ideas in management and finance that arose at the school. Numerous Nobel laureates in economics and John Bates Clark Medal recipients have served on the faculty.


  1. Harvard Business School:

Harvard Business School is often cited when it comes to the finest MBA institutions in the world. It offers a regular MBA program of two years. Students gain practical exposure through various curriculum programs and unique field exposure. It offers various programs such as MBA/Master of public policy, JD/MBA, DMD/MBA, and MS/MBA Biotechnology. Harvard Business School has many famous alumni such as Henry Paulson, Sheryl Sandberg, and Jim Koch.


The above list is not exclusive or as per rankings. There are different institutions that have their own ranking systems wherein categorisation and rankings could be rather different. However, this blog took account of the popularity of the institutes along with alumni of the colleges.

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