10 Common Study Abroad Myths Exposed
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An Eye Opener On Common Study Abroad Myths

An Eye Opener On Common Study Abroad Myths

Are you flying thousands of miles away from home? Moving to a new state is one great roller coaster ride. If you are planning on flying far, far away, and it’s your first time flying internationally, then this can be an incredible journey altogether.

A myth is referred to as a widely believed false idea which naturally pops up in the mind before you plan to study abroad. Here are some of the myths that don’t hold true anymore –

Myth 1: Study Abroad is Only for the Rich

Reality: Affordable Options Exist

It’s a common misconception that studying abroad is an expensive endeavor reserved for the elite. While some renowned universities may have hefty tuition fees, numerous scholarships, grants, and cost-effective study destinations make studying abroad affordable for a wide range of students. In fact, there are countries where tuition fees are nominal or even free, making education accessible to all.

Myth 2: Language Barrier Is Insurmountable

Reality: Language Support is Abundant

Many students worry about language barriers when studying abroad. However, most study destinations offer language programs and support services for international students. Moreover, English-taught programs are available in numerous countries, eliminating the language barrier as a significant obstacle.

Myth 3: Study Abroad Delays Graduation

Reality: Efficient Credit Transfer

Contrary to popular belief, studying abroad can actually expedite graduation. Many universities have partnerships and credit transfer programs, ensuring that your overseas academic achievements seamlessly integrate into your home institution’s curriculum. This means you can graduate on time while gaining an international perspective.

Myth 4: Safety Concerns Are Overwhelming

Reality: Safety Precautions are Prioritized

Safety concerns are a top priority for universities and host countries. Institutions often provide orientation programs to educate students on safety measures, and countries with high international student populations have robust security infrastructure. With common-sense precautions, studying abroad can be a secure experience.

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Myth 5: Study Abroad is Only for Language and Arts Majors

Reality: Diverse Study Programs

Studying abroad isn’t limited to language and arts majors. Universities worldwide offer diverse programs spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), business, and more. In fact, exposure to global perspectives can enhance the education of students from any field.

Myth 6: Cultural Adaptation is Overwhelming

Reality: Adaptation is a Learning Experience

While adjusting to a new culture may seem daunting, it is an enriching part of the study abroad experience. Universities often have support services and clubs for international students, making it easier to connect with peers and immerse oneself in the local culture.

Myth 7: Study Abroad Hampers Career Prospects

Reality: Enhances Career Opportunities

Employers highly value international experience. Studying abroad demonstrates adaptability, cross-cultural communication skills, and independence, all of which are assets in today’s global job market. It can actually boost your career prospects.

Myth 8: Visa Processes are Overwhelming

Reality: Guidance is Available

Visa processes can appear complex, but universities usually have dedicated offices to assist with the application process. Many countries also offer streamlined visa procedures for students, simplifying the journey.

Myth 9: Study Abroad is Only for Undergraduates

Reality: Graduate Programs Abound

Graduate and postgraduate programs abroad are just as prevalent as undergraduate options. Pursuing advanced degrees overseas can offer unique research opportunities and broaden academic horizons.

Myth 10: Study Abroad is Only About Studying

Reality: It’s a Life-Changing Experience

Studying abroad is not solely about academics. It’s a life-changing experience that allows personal growth, global networking, and the exploration of new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

Are you still stuck on the myths or are you planning to bring in some changes to the pre-conceived thoughts? 

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