The Essential Study Apps for Students

  • The Essential Study Apps for Students
  • The Essential Study Apps for Students

    If you have a smartphone, you have access to thousands of useful apps and features that will make student life a little easier for you. There is a whole section in your app store that is dedicated to productivity and learning, and when you head off to study your degree, these apps will become a valuable resource.

    Until recent years, students have had to get by using textbooks, notepads, and, in some cases, computers. But times have changed, and you can now use powerful and nifty apps to fuel your studying and help you settle into student life. These apps are particularly useful if you’re an international student who might need extra support when learning a topic in a second language.

    Google Docs
    Price: Free

    Throughout your course, you will have to complete countless assignments, projects, and essays, all of which require organisation on your part. If you’re using a university computer or working from a USB pen-drive, it can be difficult to keep track of all the files. Google Docs is the solution to this: it’s a cloud-based office package that allows you to write and edit in an online word processor, which is automatically saved to Google Drive with each new edit. In other words, think Microsoft Office but better and slicker.

    Because your files automatically save, you don’t have to worry about that age-old student nightmare of your computer crashing and causing you to lose all of your work.

    Price: Free

    Whether you’re writing a 500-word summary or a 5,000-word essay, you will have to include references to back up whatever it is that you are saying. Each university follows a specific format when it comes to referencing, and it can be a laborious task to complete when you’ve just spent several hours writing the actual content of your assignment.

    RefMe takes the hassle out of referencing: all you have to do is scan the barcode of the book you’re referencing with your smartphone camera, and the app – knowing which referencing system you need – will generate a reference for you to use. We recommend referencing as you write, because this way you won’t have a build-up of referencing work to do at the end.

    Voice Notes
    Price: Free

    The voice notes app that comes with your phone will become a valuable resource when you come to start university – particularly if you’re an international student. Your lecturer will probably be teaching the course material to hundreds of students, and therefore won’t have time to spend explaining one particular concept more than any other.

    If you’re an international student and you’re learning in your second language, recording the lectures can make it easier to fully understand what the lecturer is saying. You can play the recording back at your own pace and make notes on any areas that you feel you needs further explanation.

    Big Oven
    Price: Free

    You have to put plenty of work in if you want to succeed in your degree, and this means that you need to give your brain proper sustenance. You’ll perform better academically if you’re eating nutritious meals that keep you energised and awake while you’re learning.

    The Big Oven app allows you to enter the ingredients that you have in your cupboard, and from that list it suggests nutritious recipes for you to cook. This reduces the amount of food-waste that you produce, and it helps to cut down on your spending.

    Make Use of Technology

    Technology is making student life that bit easier, and if you know how to make the most of the best study apps and programs, you’ll increase your chances of achieving a good grade.

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