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What is a Credit Hour System?

Countries all across the globe follow various kinds of educational structures. This is crucial for international students since they have to adapt to the educational system offered by the university where they are going for their studies. Among all the educational systems, the credit hour system is one of the most known systems for evaluating student’s academic progress. Especially if you are moving to the US for your studies, you must know about this system.


So what actually is the credit hour system? 

In order to measure the credit, the credit hour system is used depending on how much credit a student earns for attending a class that corresponds to the number of hours per week spent in that course. Credit hour students do not ask to participate in the class daily but allow them to attend the respective college course two to three times a week. So in simple words, each hour a student spends on a class is shown as one credit hour. So based on the number of hours students spend in a week, a credit hour is decided.


The amount of credit awarded each semester, multiply the number of semesters you need to study by the credits each semester to get the total number of credits you’ll need. On average, a student requires 15 credits each semester, making it 30 credits per hour each year. So, for example, if you are going for Bachelor’s and taking three years to complete, then you will need a total of 90 credit hours.


Why is Credit Hour System Important?

Credit hours serve an essential role in terms of tracking students’ progress toward a degree. They serve as a means to attribute value to the time a student spends in class. Students must generally complete a certain amount of credit hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree from a college or institution. While each school’s requirements may change somewhat, institutions that use the semester system typically require students to achieve at least 120 credits. Schools that employ the quarter system, on the other hand, will require 180 credit hours.


How to Calculate GPA with credit hours?

Credits are also used to calculate a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) for a semester or academic year in the United States. GPA varies from 0.0 to 4.0, where a 4.0 GPA is equivalent to an A grade, and a 0.0 GPA is equivalent to an F grade. Based on the final marks received at the end of each course, credit hours are awarded, which are used to calculate semester GPA. The average of all courses completed over the years of study determines the final overall GPA.


It is important for the students to understand the importance of credit hours system as it is crucial for overall academic growth of the student.

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